About FISU Healthy Campus

Healthy Campus Standard

Healthy Campus Standard

The FISU Healthy Campus programme is an initiative aiming to enhance students’ and the campus community’s well-being in all aspects.

The FISU Healthy Campus platform provides universities worldwide with systematic guidelines and tool kits to ensure the well-being and healthy lifestyle of their students. Universities and stakeholders can benefit from an international network for shared knowledge and best practices. When a university registers on the FISU Healthy Campus digital platform, they receive a carefully crafted set of guidelines and a tool kit for implementation of the project.

Healthy Campus Certified

Healthy Campus Certified

Based on 100 criteria developed by leading global experts, universities will be evaluated across seven domains: Physical Activity and Sport; Nutrition; Disease Prevention; Mental & Social Health; Risk Behaviour; Environment, Sustainability & Social Responsibility; and Management of Healthy Campus.

FISU Healthy Campus rewards universities that encourage a healthy way of life on their campuses. Those that promote healthy living for their students and all the campus community receive a select label, based on the evaluation of those 100 criteria.

Spread across seven domains

Spread across seven domains

A new and exciting global initiative launched by FISU for universities, the FISU Healthy Campus Label embeds health and well-being into all aspects of campus culture, improving student lifestyle.

  • Physical activity and sport
  • Nutrition
  • Disease prevention
  • Mental and social health
  • Risk behaviour
  • Environment, sustainability and social responsibility
  • Healthy Campus Management
Healthy Campus 9-step process

Healthy Campus 9-step process

  • Starting Blocks - Registry on the FISU Healthy Campus platform
  • 9 months - University submits a self assessment
  • 10 months - University receives first report evaluation
  • 11 months - University submits revised assessment
  • 1 year - At the end of the first year, university receives certified label
  • 1 year 9 months - External audit of university
  • 1 year 10 months - University receives report evaluation
  • 1 year 11 months - University submits revised reports
  • 2 years - Cycle of Healthy Campus label: bronze, silver, gold or platinum certified label


The certification process fees are as follow for the first 2 years cycle

  • € 1,000 first year, self evaluation and certification
  • € 3,000 2nd year, auditory and labeling

See what is included in your exclusive program access:

  • FISU Healthy Campus Platform and standard document
  • Consulting good practices
  • Certification process technical support and monitoring
  • An online training session (Healthy Campus and Auditors Programme)
  • Annual self-assessment report (first year of each cycle)
  • Local audit and report (second year of each cycle)
  • Certification diploma
  • Certification plate per campus
  • Advantageous conditions to access to FISU educational and training events in